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          About This Video

This 14+ minute music video is the final project that I produced for a photography apprenticeship under Trace Aiken.  I first heard the "Finding Rothko" music performed by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra in April of 2016 and immediately knew that I wanted to pair my own images with music.  I emailed the composer, Adam Schoenberg, the next day telling him what I wanted to do and asking him if that was all right with him and where I could get a recording of the music.  He sent me a link to the Chicago Youth Symphony's performance video.  Unfortunately, life intervened and it wasn't until 2020 that I was finally able to finish the video.  During those intervening years, however, I learned and grew as a photographer and became more adept at post processing, learning techniques that I would never have thought possible for me.  I am very proud of the result.  I have shared the completed video with the composer.  He responded that he was so glad that I had finished the project.  "Your images are stunning.  You are so very talented.  It's quite beautiful."  


I hope you enjoy it, too.  


             Click here to view video.    

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