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  • Betty Girardeau

You Never Know Til You Try

Every year I try something a little different when trying to capture fireworks. I have tried having my camera on a tripod and trying to control the focus manually or on a tripod but using a special scene setting on my Olympus camera designed for fireworks. I have used my Nikon instead of my Olympus, still on a tripod. Last night I decided to handhold and use the fireworks setting on the Olympus and see what I would get. The results were many more rejects than I would have liked. Hand holding the camera is always risky for this kind of photography because it is impossible to hold the camera perfectly still during the necessary long exposures. But I was hoping to achieve some images that were more like light painting than my usual nice crisp more realistic fire works images. This one came pretty close to what I had in mind. I have ideas for more refinement in the future using live composite techniques, so I wish I would have more opportunities to photograph fireworks than just once a year. I have heard professional photographers say that they are happy if they only get one or two images from a photo shoot that make them happy. I got two from last night. I guess I should be happy.

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