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  • Betty Girardeau

Yesterday was A Test

Yesterday's blog was all about embracing the unexpected and how I had been doing that with my photography. I finished writing and went to publish it. Sometimes it showed up, other times it wouldn't and there would be a "page not found message." So I spent over an hour trying to figure out if I had done something wrong. Nope. Then I contacted the server and discovered that they had been having problems like this sporadically for several days. Finally it seemed to have been fixed so I decided I could now move forward with the rest of my game plan for the day. But first I would check my email. There I found one from a person who was criticizing and questioning some of the images I used in my music video as well as some of the video editing itself. I felt the necessity to defend my choices, at which point the power went off for over an hour, so no internet, no computer. I spent some of the powerless time trying to construct my new photo studio light box that had finally been delivered after a month's wait. The written instructions that came with it weren't that great, so I had to wait until the power came back on so I could find an online video of how to do it. But with the power back on, I first felt compelled to defend my video choices to the person who had sent me the earlier email. I had no sooner gotten that defense, which was successful, sent off, when I got an email from the Music Director of the Knoxville Symphony to whom I had sent the music video in hopes that he might want to use it. But he has no plans to program the "Finding Rothko" music in the foreseeable future, which is disappointing. He did write, though that he "watched the video in full, and I found it very visually appealing, and the drama of the visual was sensitively choreographed to the music." At this point, now late afternoon, I had to laugh and remind myself that I should remember to practice what I preached that morning in my blog. It had poured buckets off and on all day, so there was little chance of my usual long walk. My brain was tired, so I didn't feel up to my usual French lesson. I was finding it difficult to embrace anything. But then another unexpected thing happened. I got a text request from the company in the UK from whom I had bought the WOW photography course wanting to use some of my light painting images on their website and Instagram feed if I was "comfortable" with that! What a day of ups and downs. My image today is one I used in the intro to the last movement of my music video. I find peace in this image, peace that is especially appreciated after a day full of the unexpected.

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