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Working On My Homework

As I mentioned yesterday, I took an Eileen Rafferty on-line class on Thursday in abstract photography. She presented us with a lot of examples of work in this genre by many famous photographers, historic and contemporary. At the end of the class she gave us our homework assignment. Using any of the methods she had illustrated, we were to create our own images and submit at least one for critique at next week's class. I shared the one yesterday that I created during the class. Today I am sharing one that I created yesterday. In this instance I used an image I had taken a couple of weeks ago and used post processing techniques to make it more abstract. While many of the examples that she shared in class were in color, she noted that many abstractionist photographers preferred to create in Black & White because color is often distracting. Abstract art, including photography, are creations conceived or imagined outside of 'reality,' which makes Black & White even better for such images. The viewer is supposed to wonder what an abstract image could be, and with no color cues, that is easier to accomplish. I am not sure what I will create today, but I think I am going to try some in-camera double exposures. I will let you know and, hopefully, see tomorrow. Toward the end of the week I will likely ask you which one was your favorite and may choose that one for my critique entry.

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