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  • Betty Girardeau

Wish You Were Here

Yes, I really do wish that some of you were here to help me eat all these cherry tomatoes that my plants are now producing. This week I have already had Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta two nights and last night my side dish was Sherried Cherry Tomatoes. The pasta recipe used three cups of them, and the Sherried ones used two cups, yet my harvest basket shows hardly a dent. And I haven't harvested yet today. Thankfully, I like tomatoes, at least for now. This is my first year trying to grow a little vegetable garden in a large planter on my porch, so how was I to know how well things would do. I only planted three tomato plants, but apparently the plants are extremely happy with where they are and how well they are being treated. They are rewarding me with a bumper crop. I have also harvested three green peppers and two cucumbers. There are more of them ripening, too, but nothing to the degree of these tomatoes. Apparently, I am not alone with this dilemma. I just looked up "what to do with a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes" and discovered that many others have gone to the web to get help. One site listed 47 recipes using them. Let's see. What will I make next, the Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce, which I can freeze and use later, or the make it and eat it right away or the Tomato Galette with Pecorino? And that leaves me with 45 more recipes to try. Thankfully, I have also read that it isn't a bad idea to eat some tomatoes every day. Good. Because it looks like I am going to be doing that for awhile. Maybe next year I should plant only two plants instead of four.

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