• Betty Girardeau

Winter Doldrums

Black tree skeletons against a constantly grey sky, a view that even seems devoid of life. That has been what my world has looked like for nearly a week. I can definitely appreciate why many people become depressed in the winter. While I don't envy the people in other parts of the country who are dealing with sub zero weather and heavy snows in places which typically don't get that kind of weather, such unusual weather can be a bit exciting for them, for a while anyway. Here every day seems like a duplicate of the one before. This time last year we were already enjoying an early spring. In fact, my early blooming cherry tree had been loaded with blooms since the first of February. That's earlier than I would like, but those warmer and sunnier February days last year made moving into a pandemic a little more palatable. I usually don't hold much stock in Ground Hog Day predictions, but given the fact that I know Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow this year, I thought I would check and see if he did last year. He didn't! Maybe I should believe in him more. Hummm. Does that mean that I can't look forward to much of an improvement in my weather until the middle of March?! Well, that's discouraging. I guess I will have to get that sweater finished that I started two years ago. It looks like I am going to get to wear it this year if I do. And it is a good thing that I actually like the look of the silhouettes of bare tree branches against the sky. The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. But the high temperature for the day is only supposed to get to 31. But at least it will be sunny.

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