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  • Betty Girardeau

Why Am I Doing It?

This is what I was asking myself on Friday when I was finishing my dinner, just a bowl of soup, nearly at ten-thirty at night. I had had two notary signings on Friday, one mid afternoon and the other at six-thirty. Most signings take at least forty-five minutes to an hour followed by a drive home that is almost never less than close to an hour. Both of Friday's signings required me to scan back either the entire package of documents, some one hundred fifty pages or a lesser number of only the most critical ones. I suppose I could have had dinner before doing that, but I prefer to wrap everything up before settling down to eat and relax. Another day this week I had a quick ham sandwich late afternoon for my dinner because I knew that I would be hungry before getting home from another notary signing appointment set for seven. Occasional late or early lunch-like ones are definitely a negative aspect of being a mobile signing notary. I also have to wonder if I am actually "making" any money doing this. On the surface, most of the time the pay looks pretty good. This last week I had seven signings with a total billable revenue of a nearly $550. But I drove 574 miles and I had to print several hundred pages and spend additional hours preparing documents to be signed. It doesn't take a math whiz to figure out that I am not making "big bucks" as a mobile notary. So why do I do it? Because I really love it. Most of the time I really like the road trips associated with the job and I enjoy the people that I get to meet. My clients on Friday were especially enjoyable, even fun. For example, the husband in the last signing on Friday had a keen sense of humor and we shared laughs as we went through the signing process. Earlier in the week I had had a loan modification signing with a mother and daughter who share their home with at least one dog, four cats, and two bedrooms full of chickens that they are raising. This one was definitely the most "unique" situation I have had yet. There are interesting stories that go with almost all of my appointments. I am meeting all kinds of people. And as a facilitator in a process that is helpful to them in one way or another, the people appreciate me and the time I have spent, expressed especially by the signer who prepared a vase of wildflowers for me. I don't think I can put a monetary figure to the enjoyment factor of my work. Thankfully, I don't need to make my living being a notary. And it is up to me as to how much or how little I want to work. By the time I had finished dinner on Friday and it was, at that point, nearly time to go to bed, I was thankful that I purposely had not been assigned to do any Saturday signings. I would have a whole week-end free. But I am already looking forward to my next appointment on Monday afternoon.

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