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  • Betty Girardeau

Where in the World is She

I think this is a really fun picture. And I am in it in several places. In May of 2016 I went to Chicago for a week long street photography workshop. This was my first time in the Windy City, and I hope it won't be my last time. Previous to this, my photo workshops had been pretty much geared to nature. I had selected this one because it was all about street photography, an area in which I am still not totally comfortable, but one in which I see so much potential. I had planned earlier this year to attend several down town festivals in Knoxville in order to hone this skill some more. But, alas...thanks to lock downs, those events have all been cancelled for this year. I have friends to whom street photography seems as easy as breathing and, as a result, they capture some amazing images of people and life. I have always loved the pictures in "Life" and "National Geographic" magazines that show people and their lives, but I never realized until I tried my hand at this how very difficult it is. When photographers first went west with their gear to capture the lives of Native Americans, their subjects were fearful that cameras would steel their souls. And for a split second, maybe that does happen because good street photography can catch the essence of momentary emotions: grief, joy, desolation, pain, excitement, questioning, celebration, etc. The best of such images often are ones to which each of us also have an immediate personal reaction or connection as well. And that is what makes them memorable. I will never attain the level of street photographers like Vivian Maier or Henri Cartier-Bresson, but I would like to try. I'll be glad when I can safely get back into the city and mix with other people again. Oh, and about this image. It was taken inside the Bean, looking up. See if you can find me.

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