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When Time Stands Still

Prior to ten weeks ago most of us were living busy, very active lives, often wondering how we were going to be able to slow down enough to even catch our breaths. Then everything was abruptly shut down and we were told to shelter in place. For some going from rushing from one event to another to having nowhere to go was a real challenge. Many of my friends decided to fill their days with cleaning out closets and "spring cleaning" their homes for the first time in years. They just didn't know how to live their lives other than to be on the go all of the time. I like to stay busy, too, and can honestly say that I am never bored. I have a mental list of lots of things to do and projects still to be completed, but these days I frequently take the Scarlett O'Hara approach that "Tomorrow is another day." Thinking that way has allowed me to take time to learn or try out some new things or to just sit or stand at the window and watch the clouds. There is no guilt. There is no feeling of having to hurry to finish something because I have to be somewhere else soon. In many ways, there is something peaceful about this approach to life. There are certain rituals that I maintain daily. I always get dressed and make my bed. I don't leave dirty dishes in the sink. I eat at regular intervals. I keep my plants watered. But if I notice dust beginning to collect, I think that it will still be there tomorrow and I can deal with it then ( if I want to). If there is urgency in my life these days it has more to do with relationships and the people I care about. That's one reason why writing this daily blog is one the first things I do each day. I look forward to communications with others in all the manifestations that our technological world has given us: emails, social media, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime. When you really think about it, maybe relationships really are the most important aspects of our lives, the things that enrich us now and will mean the most in the end. If this pandemic has given us anything positive maybe it is a new appreciation of what is really important. Today's image, another multi award winner, doesn't "look" all that happy. But I think there is a message in it. I can see these items when they were clean and nicely stacked on this window ledge waiting for the next time they will be needed. The vines grew up over the window outside. The spiders were busy making their webs. But the "people" items sit and wait. In time someone will come again, wipe away the dust, and make use of them. But, but for now, time is standing still and it is good.

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