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What's Over The Next Hill

Yesterday evening I learned that the photo workshop I was supposed to attend in August has been cancelled. I am not surprised and, to some degree, I am a bit relieved that I didn't have to make the choice myself not to go. As I have been hearing of increased cases of the virus cropping up in most places as stay-at-home orders have been loosened, I have been wondering how safe such a trip might be. But for the first time in more years than I can remember I have no plans to travel anywhere in the foreseeable future. And I have to wonder if in six months I will even be able to take my yearly Christmas trip to California. I am trying not to feel discouraged or depressed. But I think all of us are a bit happier when we have something to really look forward to. For a long time I have been blessed with being able to think about and plan for trips with family and friends or to go to photography workshops where I saw new places, met new friends, and learned new skills. And now my calendar seems rather barren. So this morning I am trying to think of myself as the person at the bottom of a hill that isn't particularly interesting in and of itself. But what will I find if I climb to the top of the hill and look to see what is behind it? What is over the top? Those wispy clouds are beckoning me, too. I'll bet there is something there that I wouldn't have expected that will be well worth the climb to find out.

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