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  • Betty Girardeau

What If...?

At the heart of all creativity I think is the question "What if...?" At least it is for me. In photography it isn't too hard to capture the same or similar image that someone else has taken, especially of iconic places. But I think that images that really stand out and are memorable are ones where the photographer asked him or herself, how would this look if I tried it from this angle, or added a little extra light here, or tried to take a picture of something really unusual that hadn't been captured in that way before. I love to try out new techniques, and usually after I have replicated those, I have thought "Well, that was interesting and fun, but I wonder what would happen if I tried...?" The image above is a good example. I had seen pictures of fruits or flowers in sparkling water and just had to try that out for myself. I spent two evenings doing this. Then I wondered if other sparkling beverages would be as interesting. So I took pictures of beer and the foam bubbles on the top of that beverage. Bubbles or water drops of any size are always especially fun to try to photograph because the bubble is like a tiny extra lens that captures a miniature picture of something else in the larger picture. And each bubble is pretty unique in and of itself. This image is probably my favorite so far. There is a lot going on it it and you can spend a lot of time just studying it. Even when you come back and look at it again, you will likely notice something you hadn't seen before. As I have been sheltering at home in the last few weeks I have returned to being more experimental. I am anxious to be able to get back out into the world with my cameras and am developing a list of places I want to go and photographic themes I want to pursue. But for now I can be content with being a bit more experimental because I really do have the time.

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