• Betty Girardeau

Waiting Their Turn

One rainy morning last week I looked out my office window and noticed these finches sitting along the garage wall waiting, out of the rain, for their turn at my front yard feeder. I thought they looked really cute, which is why I quickly got a picture of them. But on a closer examination I noticed several things. The first was that I thought they were really smart to have found a place close to the feeder where, because of the roof overhang, they would be out of the weather. Then I noticed something more akin to what we, as humans, have been asked to do for the past year. They are social distancing while waiting their turn for one of the feeder perches. The pairs appear to be male and female, so they can stand closer together, of course. But each pair has definitely figured out that recommended six feet, not only to the feeder itself, but also along the wall. I'm glad that I decided to add a front yard feeder. We get so much out of being able to observe nature. Sometimes it is way more entertaining than TV, too.

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