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  • Betty Girardeau

Upsy Daisy

"Upsy Daisy:" a phrase that is likely one that most of us remember from our earliest days. Typically, as small children we heard the adults in our lives say these words of comfort and reassurance when we had fallen down, perhaps as we were taking our first steps. Those words were intended to distract us from hurt or failure, and, as we were lifted into the safe and loving arms of a parent, we knew that all was well. As we enter yet another week of a pandemic that continues to surge in our country, we adults probably feel the need for the comfort, reassurance, and general sense of happiness and security that is associated by these two words. In recent weeks uncertainty about the leadership of our country and the need to finally face up to and hopefully really deal with long accepted beliefs and symbols that have knowingly or unknowingly hurt and demeaned others have, along with a pandemic, and general uncertainty brought us to our knees. I suggest that maybe we might consider saying "Upsy Daisy" to ourselves as we get up each morning and start a new day. We are not helpless children anymore. Let's start by doing some simple things for ourselves and others like wearing masks when out in public. Let's really think about our life-long beliefs and think about whether or not we might need to change some of them. Let's make a greater effort to understand others, especially those whose lives, experiences, and heritages have been different from ours. Let's not just talk. Let's listen, really listen, too. I think that if we do some or all of these we will begin to sense the comfort that came from this simple phrase when we were children. (This is another image that I have manipulated using the iColorama app.)

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