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Two Are Often Better Than One

Here it is already nearly 3:00 PM and I am just now getting this blog written. But it has been THAT kind of day. For the past several weeks I have been dealing with computer issues with my newest computer. It started when I noticed that my most recent iPhone pictures were not syncing to the computer, though they were to my iPad. I checked for all kinds of fixes and tried many of them. Things would be OK for awhile and then they weren't. Two weeks ago I even noticed that some of the things on my desktop were not synching to iCloud either. So I got in touch with Apple support and even went so far as to set up an appointment at the local Genius Bar. Of course, right after that I had several days of everything being just fine. So I cancelled that appointment. Things seemed OK for about a week, then the image synching issue began again. So I thought I would just remove my photo library from the computer to a back-up on an external hard drive and then start deleting them from the computer. All that work for nothing, because the issue persisted and, in fact, has gotten worse. I have had several more calls with Apple support, where we tried to figure out what was hogging my storage on that computer. More old files and applications were found and deleted. But that didn't help either for long. Last evening after dinner I thought things looked better, but when I checked again after watching TV and not using the computer at all, the storage was in worse shape than before. So today I do have an appointment that I will keep at the Apple Genius Bar. And this is where having more than one, in this case computers, is a very good thing. I had kept my trusty, but old 2013 MacBook, so I have spent the better part of the day disconnecting the new computer and getting the old one set up to do what I need for however long it takes to get the new one up and running again. That meant doing a lot of little things, like connecting two printers to it and downloading the scanner software that I need for signings. I did some housekeeping on that computer, too, deleting, I hope, the last of Lightroom and Photoshop and the Creative Cloud. Those files are not easy to find or get rid of. There are dozens of tiny places they hide, including lots of document files. Every time I thought I had found and deleted them all, I have found more. I haven't had a Creative Cloud subscription for nearly a year, so all of these files and documents have just been taking up space. While my storage on this computer was in pretty good shape anyway, it is in great shape now. I am so thankful that I have had this computer to fall back on, because I really need my computer for signing work especially. But, anyway like many of us, not having a working computer is like not having a working refrigerator. There is usually a bright side to things like this, and if nothing else, I did get my desk area better organized and dusted. Hopefully, there will be more bright than that eventually. The image for today was one I have been saving, but it is perfect for today because it is a mirror image photo of one of my beautiful Carolina Jasmine blooming tendrils.

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