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  • Betty Girardeau

Trying to Make Sense Of Things

Things never stay the same even when sometimes we wished that they did. That is both the curse and the challenge of life. That fact has probably become even more obvious in this last year of Covid. Much of what we all thought was sure and certain we have now found we cannot count on. Maybe we were never meant to count on them. Yet a bit of certainty, or its perception, is something that gives us a much-needed sense of stability. Friends and loves come and go. Children are born, grow up, leave home, and start lives of their own. We start and end careers, sometimes beginning new ones. In the larger world there is war and peace, feast and famine, floods and drought. And during all of these, each of us is supposed to make sense of it all. Sometimes it just seems like there is no sense. I just think that there must be. We just have to have the desire and, hopefully, the energy to look for and find it. Of one thing I am sure. We can't do this alone. And I think right now we all need a good, heavy dose of certainty beyond just the sun rising and the sun setting. We need our family and friends. We need some sort of answers for pressing questions. Some of us need to know when we will have a Covid 19 vaccine available to us. And after that we need to know when we can start picking up the pieces of our lives. When can we hug our family and friends again? When can we have friends or family for dinner safely? When can we plan to do most anything? I have been reminded of all of this, and more, as I learned yesterday that one of my BFF's has finally decided to move far away and to be closer to family. I am happy for her. But I lament the loss of having her close by for a chat or a lunch together. In the past such losses were a bit mitigated by having my own new opportunities and dream. But as we all still labor under the shadow of this pandemic, these, along with some certainties, seem harder for me to find. I am trying to make sense of it all, and, in time hopefully it will make sense. For now I do know that it is almost the end of January, and spring will be here before I know it. Of that I AM certain. (PS. Look closely at this clock image that I created yesterday. Does it make sense?)

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