• Betty Girardeau

Top Of The Morning To You

Welcome to Kilarney, Ireland, as it looked to me in the fall of 2016 when my daughter and I had a wonderful week together in that country. She had been able to work for a month at the Dublin office of the company for which she works. When I learned she was getting to work there, I suggested that she ask for an extra week to stay in the country and tour and I would come and join her. We talked a lot about what we wanted to see and do and how much of that we could cram into a week's time. She did a fabulous job planning it all, and we really did see a lot of the country. We rented a car, which she drove, doing an exemplary job of getting used to driving on the left. We stayed in some wonderful B&B's and ate equally wonderful food, all the time feeling very much at home in this country. I guess my Scotch-Irish roots played in a bit for that to happen. But my Irish side is more orange than green. In fact, when I was growing up and everyone was urged to wear green on St. Patrick's day, my Mother would have preferred for me to wear orange instead, viewing green a bit too "Catholic." So I acquired an orange scarf to placate her and found plenty of other green things to wear. I love this country and would return in a heart beat. For a small island country it, and its people are amazing. Such strong and rightly independent minded people. I am not a beer drinker, but I love the buttery flavor of true Irish Guiness. And if I could end every day with a cup of Irish coffee, I would be happy indeed. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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