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Tomato Update

Last week I commented on my abundant cherry tomato harvest. So I thought I should update you all on how I have managed it. In short, I have cooked with and eaten a lot of tomatoes. I still have four cups set aside to make roasted cherry tomato sauce, and I have a small bag set aside for a friend. Otherwise, I am going to have to wait for the second harvest for any more. Looking at my plants, that shouldn't take too much longer, and it will give me a little bit of a tomato break. I have enjoyed some really tasty tomato dishes, though. It is interesting to see how many ways you can use them. The dish above, which I enjoyed Monday and Tuesday for dinner, was a Tomato and Romano/Percorino Cheese Galette with Lemon Grilled chicken. I was introduced to galettes when I was in France in 2017 and enjoyed them again there last summer. They can either be a side dish, main dish, or dessert depending on the filling. Sunday night I enjoyed Seared Salmon with Blistered Balsamic tomatoes. I shared in anther blog the picture of the Spicy Sriracha Grilled Chicken and Watermelon Salad, which also included cherry tomatoes. This week I also came upon two articles listing foods that one should not eat if they have arthritis. Tomatoes were at the top of that list because eating them can increase inflammation and arthritis pain. I am happy to say that after a pretty steady diet of these fruits (yes, they are fruits and not vegetables) I must not have much or any arthritis. I am enjoying my little garden and am already thinking about what I will plant next year. I appreciate the offers from several of you to take some of my tomato bounty off my hands, but I have managed very well.

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