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To Be, Or Not To Be. That Is The Question

Over the years I have had marginal success planting from seeds, especially vegetables. But a couple of years ago my son gave me a "Funky Vegetable Seed Kit" for Mother's day. It was too late to try to plant them that year. And last year I totally forgot about them. When I saw the box early this winter, I decided I would give a couple of the vegetables a try and see how successful I can be. The set included five different varieties, but since my garden space for vegetables is limited to my upper porch large planter, I decided to just try two of the seeds, Tigerella Stripy Tomatoes, and some of the Rubine Brussel Sprouts. Not being familiar with peat blocks, I almost messed up the planting for the tomatoes. They must be hardy little seeds, though, and they all seemed to sprout despite the mess I made of the peat block. I was more selective with the brussel sprouts and only planted a few of those seeds. The directions said to wait to transplant them to their own individual pots until the seedlings had four tiny leaves. Yesterday was the day for that. Now I have to see how well they survive on their own at this stage of their infant lives. It will be interesting to see how many make it and if, in the end, I ever harvest anything. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it least two or three of them get big enough to transplant to larger pots or this large planter. I'll keep you posted.

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