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They Are Just Numbers

These are the pretty numbers that one of my neighbors have on their mailbox post. While looking through some of my recent images from my evening walks I decided to use this one for sharing a few of my thoughts today. I got to thinking about how numbers are often more associated to us than our names are. Here are a few of the ones that readily came to mind: phone number(s), birthday, social security, anniversary, car license number (both for your car and your driver's license), passport, and various passwords, pins, and account numbers. I am sure there are probably more. We even number ourselves sometimes when we want to be the first in line, for example, or when we are at the deli counter or buying fabric at Joann Stores and have to pull our number for service. If we want to borrow money, we need to have a good or excellent credit score number. I study French on-line using Duolingo. This program constantly reminds me of how well I am doing relative to others by emailing me when I am in the top ten of users or just fell out of it. If you want to consider more creepy ways to associate yourself with numbers, check out the practice of numerology. This "spiritual discipline" suggests that there are numerical patterns unique to each of us that can help us better understand our inner self. In addition, they say that you can discover your life's path through a single digit number that reveals who you are. You can arrive at this number by using an equation that is linked to your birthday and, in some cases, to the precise hour and minute in which you were born. In numerology there are nine numbers that, when defined, suggest certain things you and what your life path will/could be. I think that this use of numbers is a bit over the top. I do understand the importance of the use of all of these different numbers to help single us out, but sometimes I would just like to be me and not a number.

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