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These Are A Few of my Favorite things

One of the reasons I have really become passionate about photography in recent years is that it is so versatile. There are so many different ways to manipulate the camera itself, as well as wonderful post processing software and apps that help creative juices to flow. I love to see what other people have done and then try to recreate that look myself. Pinterest is a fantastic place to get inspiration, and there are few days when I don't spend a little bit of time on that site trying to get some new ideas. Lately I have even been creating a few pins of my own to share with others. I also recently invested in a course called "Wow Factor Photography" that has 30 lessons about how to create different kinds of unique images with your camera and a few in home props. A couple of the lessons have covered things I already knew how to do, but the methods were slightly different. So far I have found this course so much fun and being able to try another lesson is something to which I look forward. I love learning how to do something that I didn't know was possible. And I love being able to find new ways to do something I already thought I knew how to do, and make it better. With my world, like everyone else's, made smaller by necessary isolation, I can still take new pictures or go back and play with some old ones and my present world doesn't seem so small and empty any more. Today's image was created using a method called Intentional Camera Movement, or ICM. What is fun about this technique is that you can create images like this both in camera or in post processing software. This week I am going to share more of my quirky photos with you. I hope you will find them to be as interesting and fun as I did in creating them.

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