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There Is No Certainty

This image is intentionally out of focus. It is one that I took on Sunday afternoon when I was practicing with my Velvet 56 camera lens. Actually, if you look closer, it isn't totally out of focus. Down in the lower right you can see the tops of two fern fronds that are. I almost deleted this image when I was going through the picture files later Sunday afternoon, but thought better of it because I decided it really does tell a story. As we journey through life we perceive the road ahead. Yet that road cannot be fully in focus because life itself is uncertain. In all probability, though, there will be road blocks of one kind or another that will require us to change plans. We can't be sure what kind they will be or how much of a detour we will have to take until we get closer to them and they get in focus. In this image there appears to be a fallen tree across the path ahead. It is hard to tell whether there is an easy way around it, or if the traveler would have to totally change course. And the only way to know that, is to get closer to it. The only things that are certain are those that are closest to us, the here and now, much like the tops of those two little ferns. There is something more that I see in this picture. And that is the desire to know more, to move ahead, to deal with those obstacles in the path. That's life to me.

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