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The wonders In The Sky

First let me apologize for the quality of this image. I have taken several of the "Great Conjunction" with my super dooper telescopic lens on my Nikon. But I haven't had time to take a look at them. I was trying to get my act together to head to my son's in North Carolina for a safe Christmas with limited travel and limited people interactions. But I shot this on Tuesday night with my iPhone. Not too bad for a cell phone image. If you look closely at Jupiter, you can almost make out at least one of his/her moons. Tuesday was a busy day of packing the car and getting ready to travel. And then I decided I really needed to clean out the closet in the office, something that I had put off for four years as I would be having to go through boxes of my husband's "pack ratted" papers. But shortly after the sun set I knew I had to get out and see if I couldn't catch this wondrous sight of two plants appearing side by side. I don't think I will be around in 2080 for the next opportunity. I love the night sky when it is so crystal clear, as it has been the first part of this week. There is too much light pollution these days, especially with the added Christmas decor lights on neighbors' houses. But even so, because I do have a lot of open sky around my house, I can look out and up and sometimes feel like I can touch the stars. And, if I am lucky, and I have been a couple of time lately, I see a shooting star, or, even better, a meteor, streaking across the sky. There is really nothing like lifting your head to the night sky and letting that view take you in. It is a humbling and wondrous experience. I don't make New Year's resolutions legitimately, but I do have a desire in 2021 to become more proficient at astrophotography because I want to find out how to capture the night sky with as much of its hidden wonders as I can. And since today is Christmas Eve, for now all I can share with you is my 2020 iPhone attempt at catching the Christmas Star. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Eve, full of as much magic and promise of good things to come as you remember when you were a child and the world was not as screwed up as it has been this year.

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