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The Snowsuit Saga Part 2

After having to wear the ugly brown boy's snowsuit for several winters, Mother finally bought me a girl's snow suit. It was two-toned red and grey/blue. I was much happier, as you can see in the above image with my Mother, probably taken when I was in first grade. I am also wearing the green knit hat which inspired my sister to call me "bullet head." I honestly don't know why. I don't see any resemblance to a bullet at all, do you? I do know, however, that she took great pleasure in calling me that because she knew that it really bothered me. Such is normal sibling relations. This more feminine snow suit came with a matching hat, but I don't recall wearing it that often. It was made from the same material as the suit and lined with a fuzzy wooly material. I think it was always a little too big, and the fabric tended to be rather stiff and the lining scratchy. I spent many happy days playing in the snow in this snow suit. I don't remember another one after this one. I am sure that there had to have been some because I know that I always spent a lot of time outside in the snow every winter until I left home for college.

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