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The Joy Of Sharing

As anyone who has ever taught anything to anyone knows, it is work. But it is also so rewarding. It's little wonder why so many who work in public education are willing to do so when they are so grossly underpaid. There is nothing like sharing what you know to others and seeing the joy that comes when you see that they understand and are anxious to put it into practice. There is no way to be able to put a monetary value on that. Of course, not all teachers have students who are in class because they want to be and, while there, are fully engaged. I have been fortunate over the years in being able to teach things that my students really wanted to be there to learn. And yesterday's iPhone Photography Learning Lab was no exception, as you can see. I had warned my students that we were starting with the very basics and that those things were merely the tip of the iceberg in what we can learn about iPhoneography. We were only barely able to deal with post processing editing, and just began to touch on things like composition. But I think everyone finished the afternoon together with something they could take home and practice. And maybe best of all, we all had fun!

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