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The Eyes Have It

These days, when all of us should be wearing masks when out in public, the only facial feature that still shows something about the person behind the mask are their eyes. I have always been drawn to people's eyes. They are the first facial feature that I usually notice. And for some reason I am really drawn to people with beautiful dark brown eyes. But no one in my immediate family has them. There are quite a few of us with hazel eyes, and my daughter and younger son both have beautiful grey eyes, which are almost a fetching to me as brown ones. It has been said that eyes are windows to the soul. But new studies suggest that eyes also tell a lot about a person's personality. These studies suggest that one's eye color is linked to how agreeable a person may be. Not surprising to me the study says that brown eyed people tend to be more sympathetic. They say that people with lighter colored eyes tend to be less agreeable, even "bitchy." I am not as sure about that, as I have met some quite lovely people with blue eyes. In fact, I married one. There are more brown eyed people in the world than any other, which the researchers surmised was the reason that they were seen as more intelligent, trustworthy, and kind. The three top traits for people with blues were "exuding sweetness," "being sexy," and " being kind," but intelligence was not a trait associated with them. Isn't that interesting? Eye shape and size say a lot to others about someone, too. People with small eyes are often thought to be secretive and elusive or untrustworthy. And eye language tells a lot too. Often we can tell if someone is lying or in love just by looking at them. But it is a true scientific finding that people with dark eyes cannot consume as much liquor as light eyed people. Most people that abuse alcohol, in fact, are blue eyed, but they are also able to handle physical pain better than those with dark eyes. However, more dark eyed people excel in sports and also in positions of power and dominance. In the end, although interesting, I think it wise to take the findings from these studies with a grain of salt. We can all easily name friends and family members who would we think would show such findings to be wrong. In the days and weeks, maybe months ahead, as we continue to be a part of a world of people wearing masks, we may be more inclined to figure someone out, not because they have a nice smile and teeth, but more likely by the look of their eyes. Oh, and we will likely know whether they are feeling sick or got a good night's sleep, too. As Humphrey Bogart said it so dramatically "Here's looking at you, kid."

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