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The Excitement Of A New Birth

Every day for over a week I have been checking my little peat pot. It has been a long time since I have tried to grow anything other than zinnias from seed. And I have never tried starting plants in little peat pots, especially seeds that are a couple of years old. I also was afraid that I had messed up when preparing the little peat "circle" because I had never used anything like that before and kind of messed it up when hydrating it and adding the seeds. In fact, this afternoon I was prepared just pitch it out because I hadn't seen anything but a little bit of mold developing on the surface of the pot, while the one seeded with purple Brussel sprouts had shown new life quite a few days ago. Maybe this was a perfect example of "Oh, ye, of little faith." Well, I am excited and hope that they continue to grow and thrive. When there are four leaves on each seedling, I get to move them to their very own pots, and hopefully they will be able to be planted in my outdoor porch garden to produce some interesting heirloom tomatoes come summer. This little cutie and its sisters have more hurtles to climb over before I can say I am a successful tomato "farmer." But for now I am pretty thrilled. BTW, I took this image with my iPhone using the macro lens in the lens kit I bought after taking the Charles Needle on-line class on creative iPhone photography. It is a pretty amazing little lens.

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