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  • Betty Girardeau

The Birds Are Back

Since I started using the upstairs office space I have not been diligent about keeping the bird feeder stocked off my downstairs patio. A couple of weeks ago I decided that just because I wasn't able to readily watch the birds that had been coming wasn't a good enough reason to stop feeing them. Besides, my Sully kitty is greatly entertained by them and he was showing some signs of boredom. Surprisingly, it took them several days to find my feeder again. At first it looked like mostly purple finches along with a couple of Blue Jays and a squirrel that were the only ones coming. I was sad about that because I had always had lots and lots of Cardinals before. The Blue Jays are pretty aggressive and push the other birds away. When I notice Sully crouching by the window seriously watching something, I know that there must be some activity at the feeder. This morning when I did that I did see two Cardinals, at least until a Blue Jay swooped in. There were quite a few finches sitting nearby as well as up on my upper deck railing awaiting their turn, too. It's pretty cold today, still down in the 20's at the moment with an expected high that might get to 30. I just went and looked down at the feeder. It was very busy with two Cardinals and five or six finches, a dove and one wren. I think when I go to handbell rehearsal this afternoon I will stop and buy some more sunflower seed. I don't want to run out. Maybe I should buy a second feeder to put upstairs, too. I am so glad I brought the birds are back.

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