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That's Peachy

Summertime and everything is "peachy". I have enjoyed nearly three weeks of having family members with me, which means I have had real conversations about life, dreams, hopes, concerns, and politics. I have enjoyed having people with whom to share a dinner and share my photography passions. I have enjoyed watching all of "Hamilton" on the Disney streaming channel with my granddaughter (a fabulous production by any measure). I have had people here that have helped to fix things or just help in general. Even my two cats, who typically go into hiding when there are others in the house, have decided life is better with when there are other people around to pet them. My granddaughter asked me yesterday if when I am here alone, I ever feel lonely. My first response was to say, "no," and then I quickly retracted that answer and said, "sometimes". There is no question that my world is larger when I can physically share it with others. I have developed many interests in my life, each of which can and still do fill my days and give me the satisfaction of creating. But my world is definitely smaller since I have been living alone. And this year with two major trips that I have had to cancel, and maybe my usual Christmas in California one, too, my world is more confined. So describing my life right now as "peachy" or "just peachy" seems unbelievably appropriate. You see, "peachy" is one of those unusual words that changes meaning with its context. Said sarcastically, it means something is not good, but if you say "everything is peachy," it usually means you have nothing about which to complain. I guess life can always be described this way, but in 2020 there seems to be less middle ground between the "peachy" good and the "peachy bad." Thank goodness that right now real fresh peaches are in and very delicious. Let's see. Should I plan to make some more ice cream?

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