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Thank You

Yesterday's mail brought thank you notes from both of my Granddaughters. I was pleased that they were being taught to do this. Sometimes it seems like writing letters, especially little notes of gratitude, has become a lost art. Both of these notes brought a smile to my face. But their messages actually made me laugh out loud. My older Granddaughter, as you can see, was a bit irritated that she had to write one at all, though she wanted me to know that she still loves me anyway. My younger granddaughter added this to her message, "...and thank you for not getting me any clothes because I think I have enough clothes for a while anyway," I can well remember my Mother's insistence that I write thank you notes to those that gave me Christmas and birthday gifts, too. And I remember being just as disgruntled about having to do so, much like my older Granddaughter. However, over the years I have grown to appreciate why it is both good and important to do so. My Mother used to refer to such messages as "golden pen notes," messages written that have particular meaning for the recipient as well as for the sender. For the sender it is a reminder that they should not take being given something for granted as though it is their due. For the recipient it means a lot to know that giving something to another person had real value for them. I am so glad that my grandchildren are being taught to take time to sit down and write a brief note of thanks. These two little notes certainly brightened my day yesterday. And, I plan to make a point of telling my older granddaughter just that the next time I see her. I think that it would be good for her to know that I am thankful for her thanks, too.

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