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Surprise! Surprise!

Two or three years ago I bought a small pineapple plant in a container which was already sporting a little non-edible pineapple. The plant was just the right size to make a cute centerpiece on my dining room table. In due course, the little pineapple "called it a day," and I cut it off the plant. The plant was very healthy and a nice manageable size. But I was pretty sure that it might be happier if repotted into something a bit bigger. The plant loved the new pot so much that it split into two plants and continued to grow bigger, and bigger and bigger. It loved its perch on a plant stand in my northwest facing dining room window. This year I was beginning to think it was getting too big and maybe, since it wasn't producing anything more than really long, pointy leaves that were stretching out into space making it a bit hard to walk in the area around it, that maybe I should try to find another place for it, or even just get rid of it all together since it really did not fit the space well anymore. Those were my thoughts especially about a week ago when I was doing my usual Wednesday watering of house plants. Imagine my surprise this afternoon, just a week later, when I was again doing my weekly watering, and this is what I found when I began to water the plant. How did this "fruit/flower" suddenly appear in just a week? I have no idea. But you can guess that the pineapple plant now has proven that it should stay in place among my plants in my dining room. Isn't nature fun and surprising some times?

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