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Spring is "Blowing Out" All Over

Today's image is another one that I took on Monday when I had time for an ICM photo shoot in my neighborhood. This one was created in my own front yard of my wonderful yellow jasmine vine that I planted last year. I have loved this plant for years, first admiring them when I was living in Virginia and saw them on fencing around a water feature in a shopping center. This is the first spring that I have had one of my own, and I hope to add a second one in a few more weeks. Yesterday was another rainy day and what a joy it was to look out my front window and see this trellised vine, which set between my garage windows. Its abundant bright yellow flowers seem to be telling the world that even on a gloomy and rainy day there is still sunshine somewhere, even if only in blooms that day. The process to make this ICM is quite different from most others where the photographer is actually moving the camera as the shot is being taken. In this instance, using a telephoto lens, you zoom out the lens as the image is being taken. This is the first time I have tried this technique, so it is not a perfect example of what can be created this way. I should have single focused on one of the yellow flowers (I almost did). That would have made that flower hopefully tack sharp. I also should have had my camera on a tripod to prevent unwanted camera shake. But that is why I practice. Even an imperfect shot has its merits. I learned a lot making this one, and will try again, hopefully getting that needed sharp focus in the center. Regardless, I find this a fun shot and one that does say something about spring blooms jumping out all over these days. I love spring!

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