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Splish Splash

Yesterday Gabi and I had some more camera fun. She seems to enjoy these "Wow Factor" photography tutorials as much as I do. Yesterday's adventure was using fast shutter speeds to capture what water looks like when you drop something into it. The tutorial actually used raw eggs. But like most of the others who made comments at the end of the video, there was no way we were going to deal with the mess or the waste involved with using them. So we used water and golf balls. We tried a few other things, like ice cubes, but the golf balls definitely worked the best. I am glad that we did this outside, too, since we did end up with a lot of water all over the place. It would have been possible to play around with this technique without a helper, but I would have needed a lot more set up and props. And it was certainly more fun to have one, too. You can get some pretty interesting shots with this stop action technique. A couple of shots looked like the ball was literally sitting on the top of a flume of water. I am not sure what camera tricks, if any, we will try today. But stay tuned, as I am sure we will before the end of the week.

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