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  • Betty Girardeau

Sometimes You Just Don't Get It When You Try The First Time

Today I was hoping to share amazing pictures of bubbles that looked like close ups of planets. Gabi and I spent hours yesterday on this project. She got very, very good at blowing amazing bubbles, as you can see. I tried and tried to get shots like those I have seen on line that others have gotten. I had watched lots of videos about how to do this, and every one of them used equipment that I don't have, but I thought I could maybe use what I had. Additionally, I a little too much "knowledge might be a dangerous thing" because I was taking heed of one person's advice about how to set up my camera and another person's about lighting, etc. In the end I decided that a circular soft box with a diffuser that I could mount on a boom stand, both of which I do not currently own, would have to be in my future. I am not one to buy photography equipment frivolously. I have been seeing more and more uses for these if I want to do some other kinds of photography, but hoped I would be able to tell myself that I could still do without them. It's funny how these things work. I started just thinking I would be a hobbiest landscape photographer. All I would need would be a good camera (or two) and a few good lenses for each of them and some good post processing software. Then I found out that I like to do quirky photography, too. And that means getting more equipment. At least, I am still happy with my cameras, lenses, and post processing software. And the new things don't cost all that much. But I am beginning to feel like I am dealing with the domino effect in photography. It's all Corona's fault! If it weren't for her I would be going to photo workshops and traveling to Europe again and I wouldn't be having to entertain myself at home! I just learned about a photographer who has now dedicated his photography to bubbles. Maybe I should follow his lead...once I have gotten this new equipment, of course.

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