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Sometimes There Are Surprises

One of the things that I love about being photographer is that my camera is a third eye that sometimes sees things in a planned composition that I hadn't when I was preparing for the shot. I know this is going happen when I try to make good ICMs, but occasionally it happens when I am just trying to get a normal sort of shot. I have found this to be particularly true when I am using my iPhone camera. I had planned to use a different daisy image for today's blog and had spent a bit of time post processing it. But I thought that while I was working with the images I had taken during yesterday's walk, I would continue to go through them to see what else might be worth working on or even deleted. That's when I found this one. I was blown away to see that little insect flying in for a landing on that daisy, especially because it was so sharp and detailed. In fact, it even looks like I might have Photoshopped it into the shot. But I can assure you that this image hasn't had any post processing done to it except a little bit of cropping. My intentions with this shot was to get as close to the daisy as possible, still maintaining sharpness and shallow depth of field in order to create a bit of a bokeh look to the background. I never saw that little insect zooming into the shot. But there it is, even more sharp than the flower petals closest to the camera. What fun and what a surprise!

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