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  • Betty Girardeau

Some Things To Come Home To

I am so glad that when I have been away from home for awhile, I can come home to some living, breathing beings who are usually as happy to see me as I am to see them. I am lucky to live in a community where, those of us with cats, have friends who are willing to help keep an eye on our kitties when we leave home for a few days. It sort of reminds me of the days when my children were young, and I and all of my friends were poor. So we would share babysitting needs with each other. When I want to be away from home for awhile, I can call on several different friends and ask if they are available to keep and eye on my kitties for the time that I want to be away, and, in return, I am offering to do the same for them when they need to be away. While dogs are happy to be boarded when their owners are away, cats are not that happy and would much prefer to stay in their own environment, even if that means a stranger coming into the house to refresh food and water and clean the litter pan. When I arrive back home and come through the door from the garage into the house, I will call out to my kitties to let them know I have returned. Typically Boo, the black cat, will quickly appear and let me know in no uncertain terms that #1 she is glad I have returned and #2 she is not happy with me that I left at all. Sully usually takes his time to appear, and I have to spend a lot of time talking out loud to Boo and calling Sully to show himself. After that I am usually shadowed wherever I go in the house by these two w for the rest of the day and, often, well into the next day. They are checking to make sure that I am home to stay. On my part, I start really looking forward to seeing and being with both of them in the hour or two before I actually get home. I can't imagine coming home to an empty house. So it will be today as I head home from a lovely week-end with my birthday son and his family. Thanks to the pandemic interactions with people in general have been few and far between for the last year. For that reason, my dear fuzzy babies have become even more special in my life ensuring that my house remains a home, and that I know on a daily basis, even when I have no other outside contacts, that I am loved and important.

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