• Betty Girardeau

Some Things Just Take Longer

I am sure I am not unique to be someone who starts a project and then...maybe doesn't ever finish it, or finally does. I learned a term as when I became a quilter that probably describes many, many projects outside of quilting: UFO=unfinished object. There are a lot or reasons why some projects take longer. And I have certainly experienced most of them. Usually, though, the reason has been for one of two reasons. Either what I had originally deemed a passion became less so, or life intervened. In the first instance, however, I really have tried, and continue to try, to find time to go back and finish them. In fact, the year that my husband died, and because I just could not find other ways to be creative when that was not what I was feeling or wanting to be, I made and finished ten quilts in twelve months. I have a wonderful and talented friend, Judy Egan, who is a long arm quilter par excellence, who helped those finished quilts to become some of my favorites. It took me until 2019 to finish my final project for my photography apprenticeship. Thankfully, I had a wonderful and supportive mentor who understood why I could not find ways to get my creative juices flowing again after my husband's death. Trace never gave up on me and continued to feed me "creative food," which kept me going. What a day it was, though, when I got his approval to share my music video with the world. ( Then, just when life was beginning to feel normal, Covid intervened and lots of life directions for all of us were changed. Some were so simple, the above sweater finished today after three years! My community has a wonderful group of ladies that used to, and still wants to, get together one morning a month to sew, stitch, talk, laugh, compare, and support each other as creative people. I tend to like to consider knitting as project when the year begins. So, in January of 2019 I started this sweater. Today I finished it: January 2, 2022. So much of life has intervened! But I have hopes and plans to go to Steamboat Springs, CO in mid January to be with family for a week of them skiing and me just enjoying being with family together. The sweater pattern is one shared from a dear friend in Virginia, which means getting to wear it finally makes the finishing all the sweeter.

Maybe we aren't supposed to always finish things right away. Should we take time longer dining with family and friends so we can connect better? Should some projects not get completed when planned because the time wasn't right just yet? I have always hated starting something and not finishing it. And I will continue to persevere, but knowing that maybe there is a reason why some things just take longer is a good thing.

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