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Some Days It Is Just More Fun To Play

I don't particularly like the month of January, despite the fact that it is supposed to be considered the month of new beginnings. It always seems to be overly dark, dreary, and just plain long. It just seems to drag more than most other months. Maybe that is because the months leading up to it are usually especially busy ones. But for whatever reason, I just find it a difficult month during which to feel particularly motivated. It's too soon to plan my garden. It's too dank, and often cold to want to do anything outside. And there are eleven more months after it, all of which seem to offer things that are more fun, like Valentine's Day, daffodils, warmer weather, etc, etc. And, of course, now the news of new strains of Covid-19, and increasing numbers of those taken ill and dying isn't helping either. So what can a person do to improve these January days? I suggest a little bit of play each day. I can easily do that by playing around in various ways with photography, especially mindlessly taking a single image and seeing how I can manipulate it into something else. That is what I have done since breakfast on this bleak January day, and it is my gift to you. Maybe it will inspire you to take some time to just play and do something a bit mindless, too. Below is the original image, which was taken looking up at the dining room light at my North Carolina son's house.

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