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Some Days Are Just Like That

This image is another one that I created last Monday when I was out practicing some ICM ideas with my camera. This one was almost deleted because of the angle. But today when I was reviewing these shots it occurred to me that it was actually a pretty decent representation of how life can be sometimes for all of us, and for me yesterday particularly. I have named this shot "Climbing Uphill." Although I did consider naming it "World Tilted." Either one represented my day, which had actually started on Friday when I realized that my iPhone images were not synching to my computer, though they were to my iPad. Odd. Years ago my dear daughter suggested that before I called her and asked for help, I should learn to make Google my best friend. And, I have to say, that was really, really good advice which has stood me in good stead many, many times. Ask Google a question and you will get answers, some not so good, or others that don't exactly relate. That means that the seeker better have a good idea of what he/she needs to know, as well as being willing to ask better questions if needed. After some hours trying to figure out my computer photo library issue, I took the plunge to rebuild it based on what I had saved in iCloud. I am a bit of an instant gratification person and expected the rebuild to go more quickly. By bedtime it was not evident that anything was happening other than the message that it was "processing." So I thought surely by morning the problem would be resolved. Nope! That's when I went back to Google again and asked how long this should take. The answer was, depending on the number of files and videos, it could be days!! Well, it was still saying it was processing, so I decided, based on that, I would just let it do it's thing and hope for the best. At that point I decided to move on to some other computer activity. After all, it was gloomy and the threat of heavy rain storms was all too evident. But while trying to do something else I got a message, and this was not the first time I have although my computer is actually pretty new, that I was nearly out of computer storage space and needed to address that. So I checked to see what on my computer was hogging space. Email! Figuring out how to deal with that brought me back to Google again and many more hours trying to resolve that issue. I won't go into all the details, but suffice it to say, I have improved the problem a bit, though not totally to my liking. Mangeable now, I think, though. And finally, just before reheating my left-over dinner I found that my iPhoto library was now synching just fine again. My day did not go as planned to say the least. I really did feel at times like I was trying to climb a mountain to get to the resolution top. Too bad my exercise ring on my Apple Watch didn't give me credit for that climb. Oh, well, I would not have been able to take a walk outside yesterday any way. Today is a new day, and I have high hopes that it will be better.

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