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  • Betty Girardeau

So Much Energy

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

It is too bad that someone hasn't figured out how to capture and market all the excess energy that children have. I expect that whoever could find out how to do this would easily be a multi-millionaire. Yesterday afternoon my two grandchildren and I spent time out in their yard playing together. I took lots of slow motion videos of them doing silly things like filling my umbrella up with leaves and then opening it over their heads so I could capture the slow motion of the falling leaves. They ran and jumped and danced, and .did cartwheels. Here they are on the swing and playing with a tether ball. This image was captured using one of my favorite phone apps called AvgCamPro, which takes multiple images and stacks them on top of each other to create a single image. It's an interesting way to get movement in a still image. Today is wet and dreary, very typical winter weather. No snow here, though I understand there is some in the mountains through which I will be driving home tomorrow. I am not sure how today will be spent. But with two active young people in the house, I am sure I will be asked to participate in plenty of activities today, too.

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