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  • Betty Girardeau

So Many Different Ways To See The World

Several years ago one of my sons replaced his front door with a lovely, more expensive one with this wonderful window at the top of the door. I was immediately impressed by all the different kinds of glass in it and how each of them portrayed a slightly different view of the same thing. How each of us sees the world around us is much like these different little panes of glass. Each of the views of the houses across the street from my son are interesting and accurate depending on the level of glass distortion. Some of the views are even more interesting than others. I especially like the views through the beveled glass. And I think the view through the center pane of clear glass is even a bit boring. But the really important thing is that, taken together, they create a most intriguing whole. If I were to suggest a message made by this little window, it would be that as people, all of our differing views have merit and enrich each other. If only we would understand that all of us are benefitted when we honor our differences instead of disparaging or even being afraid of those who don't think or look like us. And when joined together, something beautiful is created.

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