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  • Betty Girardeau

She's Feeling Shy

Let me start by saying that the image I shared yesterday of the lines and shadows I decided to submit for the Eileen Rafferty's abstract image critique on Thursday. I have no way of knowing until then if mine will be among that few that will likely be selected for the critique, but I felt really good about that image even before I had so many of you make positive comments about it. So, here goes to nothing. The main thing is that I keep trying. And that is the important thing after all. Right? But yesterday I did get outside with my camera, actually, to be honest, my iPhone camera, and took quite a few images during my lovely mid afternoon walk. I thought it was going to be cooler outside than it actually turned out to be. Not spring warm, but late winter warm. That was OK because there is evidence of spring everywhere now in my neighborhood. Even in my yard where the early blooming cherry is blooming, my sheltered backyard daffodils, crocus, and even my last year's garden new additions of two Lenten Roses are indicating that they are ready for spring, too. The Lenten Roses, though, are still feeling a bit shy and maybe unsure about whether or not they should show their faces. One of them tried to shield her face from my camera. She is so shy and just not ready to flaunt her blooms just yet. That is fine, and I accept her reticence. She is, after all, new to my garden, and, because of that, doesn't have too many friends in her neighborhood. That is my task this gardening year, to bring her more nearby spring flowering friends. Ultimately, I want to fill in my back garden with blooms that will share their joy of living every blooming season of the year. My garden isn't that big, but I do have plenty of space to fill. And it is fun to do that. Hold tight, Ms. Lenten Rose. I have more friends to add to your neighborhood before too long...and mine.

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