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  • Betty Girardeau

Scary Storms

Last night and much of today, so far, has been filled with heavy, and sometimes, threatening thunderstorms. I was awakened in the middle of the night by all the flickering lights in the sky initially. The sky was being lit up almost constantly. I stood at the window for awhile and then decided it was a good time to try out the night camera features of my iPhone 12pro. I had hope for something a little more dramatic than the shot above, but it will just have to do this time. The real drama, unknown to me until this morning, was that one of the houses not too far from me was struck by lightening and caught fire. I understand it is more or less a total loss, but, thankfully, the owner got out safely and she has other family living near-by. My heart goes out to her. I can't imagine what a totally frightening experience that was and probably still is for her. Interestingly, at the time her house was struck, I did hear a bit of a boom and my power went off for a minute or so, and I thought at the time that is sounded like lightening had struck something. Apparently four different fire companies responded, and I never heard any of that excitement. I just reset the clocks that needed resetting, and eventually got back to sleep. All of this does make me stop and think how thankful I am that I did not have this happen to me, but also, what would my life be like if I had? These are very scary and unsettling thoughts, made more so since I live alone and my family is not nearby. Thunder storms are predicted for the rest of the day. I pray for the safety of all who may be in their paths.

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