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Picture Puzzles

Can you tell me what you think this is? If it makes you feel better, I am not sure I could tell immediately either had I not created it myself. But that is the fun, and the challenge of picture puzzles. I have always loved them and still try to meet the challenge when a new one is shared with me. These days they are usually find the hidden word, letter, or number types. But there are those in black and white that if you look at them black on white or white on black, present as two entirely different things. There are the find the hidden faces puzzles, too, and I particularly enjoy the challenge of those. All of these are certainly called "brain teasers" for a good reason. There are all kinds of studies and treatises about the benefits of puzzles in the development of young minds. But the value of them for adults trying to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's seems less clear. Sometimes, especially when it is very hot or very cold, I have to force myself to get out and walk because I know that I should to keep physically fit. But I don't have to force myself to do or enjoy puzzles. I like the challenge. Yesterday I picked up the challenge of creating a mirror image of an animal. The image above is one of several created, but I think I like it the best. The original picture was one of the last ones I took of my former kitty, OC (Orange Cat). I also added a touch of a painterly look to make it even more interesting. I think stepping back and looking at it from a distance makes the mirror imaged subject matter a bit easier. Below is the original.

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