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Peace (And Quiet)

One thing that I, and probably most of us, have had especially in the last several months is peace and quiet. My life has been orderly and I have known pretty much what the next day would be like because everyday is almost the same. That is about to end, at least for about a week. My son and two of my grandchildren are arriving this afternoon. Other than the fact that we will be eating three meals a day I have no firm idea of what we will be doing. I know, because I raised three children myself and have a sister, that the two siblings will definitely have moments of conflict and times when each of them tries to out-shout the other one. I know there will be highs and lows. I know my house will at times look like a bomb had been dropped on it. I know there will be times when the adults will be having to reprimand and try to teach another lesson in responsibility. But there will be the opportunity to hear laughter and have people with whom to talk. Ideas and hopes and dreams can be shared. There will be new things learned and hopefully, for my picky eating grandkids especially, new foods tried that become favorites. There will be time at the end of each day to read together. Things that have needed fixing will hopefully get fixed. And, in the end, new memories will be made which I hope will be so worthwhile that we can pull them out again and again to enjoy in all the years to come. And, also in the end, peace, quiet, and orderliness will once again return and probably welcomed, definitely by my two cats if not totally by me.

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