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I think there is something uniquely special about dusk. To me there is a sense of peace that is unmatched by any other time of the day. It is as though the world has taken a deep breath and is ready to tuck itself in to get some much-needed rest. The birds have returned to their nests. The warm glow of lights can be seen in neighboring houses. And there is a general feeling that the "speed" of the day is slowing down. If the skies are clear, the moon in some phase or another can often be seen, soon to be joined by stars and distant planets blinking into light around it as the skies darken. Many see dusk and sunset symbolic of harmony, rest, hope, and, yes, peace. These daily reminders are even more welcome and helpful these days. We have spent nearly a year being threatened by all the aspects associated with a pandemic. To that has been added a particularly divisive election and, more recently, an unprecedented mob attack on our nation's Capital. We desperately need this special period of time every day to ground us and to remind us that there are some things we can always count on. This is the first day of a week that offers the possibility of new beginnings for our country, but also one that we approach with the fear of the possibility for additional violence as well. It is no surprise that most of us are uncertain about the future, in fact probably more than at any time in our lives. But we can take heart with dusk's daily promise of rest, peace, and a better day to follow.

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