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Our Very Own

Yesterday's post was about my liberating photo workshop to Hawaii in March 2015. That trip actually had a most wonderful offshoot. Before leaving Hawaii five of us girls decided to get together again in September in New York City. We were gathering from all parts of the country: Colorado, Minnesota, Wyoming, up-state New York, and Tennessee. Two of the group planned the photo itinerary for the week-end, which included dawn shoots at the Brooklyn Bridge one morning and another morning on the Staten Island ferry. We were at Times Square at night and Central Park at dusk and early morning on Saturday. We went to the area around the World Trade Center, and out to Coney Island. We went to a play. We went to THE B&H photography store not just once, but twice! We took lots of rides on the subway. We walked...a lot! We talked, laughed, learned some photography tricks from each other, and took lots and lots of pictures, probably several thousand if you add all of ours together. It was a fun and very intense week-end that I will never forget. These are women that I still count as dear friends. One of them was also a part of another photo workshop I took a year later in Chicago and I recently talked to her on the phone. Most of us are still in touch via Instagram. I would travel with these ladies anywhere. They have enriched my life from the day I first met them. When I first started going on photo workshops I did so to improve my skills never considering the even better benefits of making new friends. I am so thankful that I decided to follow a photography passion that I had buried for most of my life. The "Happy Picture" today is titled "Angles and Curves," and was taken around the World Trade Center the day I walked more more than 23,000 steps, a record only to be surpassed my last day in Dublin.

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