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  • Betty Girardeau

One Thing Leads To Another

I was really surprised with the image that I came up with for yesterday's blog. I have been using the Circular app for a couple of years and it had never occurred to me to try using it with something other than landscape shots. One thing that I do know, and need to remember more often, is that it is a good thing to think outside of the box. When I do, I just might find something even better than I imagined, which is exactly what happened yesterday. Well, of course, that meant that later yesterday I just had to try out some other non-landscape images. Because of how the app works in warping the pixels I found pretty quickly that there are only a select few images that have potential. As with landscapes, I found that the angle of the original shot as well as the background are important considerations for whether or not something can be created that is both unique and pleasing. I love creating abstracts both in camera and in post processing. But they tend to become images that appeal more on an emotional level, which means there are only some few people who are going to like them. But what I like about finding that I could use Circular with flowers is that the results are just abstract enough to be different but not so weird that some viewers might immediately dismiss them. My goal with photography is to create something that I love but that I think others may like or love, too.

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