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One Of My Favorite Views

One of my favorite views from my office window has become the peach tree in my across the street neighbor's yard. Until last fall I was never able to truly appreciate it because of another tree closer to the street which kind of overwhelmed the view of this tree and which my new neighbor's decided should be removed. While I typically hate to see the removal of any trees, especially in a neighborhood that really doesn't have that many, I have not regretted the removal of that one. This winter I became particularly enamored of this peach tree when I noticed how beautifully it was almost always silhouetted against the sky. I have taken quite a few pictures of it in recent months for that reason. But day before yesterday I did a second take when I noticed that it was now bearing flowers. Thankfully, I had my camera already set up with its 150-500mm telescopic lens trying to get good close-ups of the birds coming to my new front yard feeder, so I was easily able to zoom in and get this shot. While I usually like to have clouds in the background in my nature shots, I really like how this one turned out. I am thinking of maybe creating a tryptic using this shot, one of my stark winter ones, and another when it is fully leafed out. Despite the continuing gloom and rain, it is obvious that spring is determined to make its way into East Tennessee. And this dear peach tree is another testament to that.

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