• Betty Girardeau

New Beginnings

January 20 for me will forever be a day embodied by a sense of new beginnings. Four years ago today, almost at the same hour in which I am currently writing, my husband, in one of the few last lucid moments, told me he wanted to be able to die. As I awaited the doctor to come and talk to me and have me sign papers to allow all this to happen, I watched Donald Trump be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Inauguration Day has always been a day of new beginnings for this nation: new leaders, new policies, new opportunities and challenges. That day four years ago became a sort of inauguration day for me in the same way. New beginnings are scary for everyone. There is so much that is unforeseen. There are so many reasons to wonder if you are up for the challenge. The one thing that I learned quickly was that I had to "hit the ground running." There were many things that had to be done. There were things that were unexpected that also had to be dealt with. I had to learn to trust myself as well as those that I chose to be my advisors. There is nothing easy about new beginnings. I wish the best for the new leadership of this country. They, too, will have to "hit the ground running." I hope that they will succeed in bringing healing, both physically and emotionally, to this country. The past four years have given me a new appreciation about what Inauguration Day really means.

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