• Betty Girardeau

My Winter Decor

Most times of the year, but especially in the beginning months, I recognize the season or time of the year with a few special decorative items in my house. I have themed snowmen for January and February. Some years, when we have had a mild February with signs of a very early spring, my snowmen look out of place and silly. But I keep them out anyway until March when I switch to a St. Patty's theme sometime mixed with Easter rabbits. I have cute little embroidered snowman pillows on the couch in the living room, a snowman quilt on the wall in my back hall, a three dimensional snowman as a table centerpiece on the game table in my family room, and a selection of various snow men, including this little guy, on the table in my entry. I love them all, but I have a special fondness for my little melting one. I bought him years ago at a craft show in Richmond, Virginia, and I look forward to bringing him out and giving him a place of honor in my home every year. Last year, when we had what I recall as our single snowy day in early February, I decided to take him out and photograph him in his "natural" environment. I think he looks very happy to be there. Every day when I see him as I come and go through the front door, he makes me smile for just a moment. That makes him even more special as a decorative item. He's not just something with which to set a theme. He makes me feel good. How perfect is that? I think it is important to have things around you that do that every day, but especially in challenging times. It was snowing this morning, but nothing has stuck for long, and now as I write, you can only see tiny, tiny white flakes falling from the sky and melting immediately. Maybe there will be something a bit more substantial before the month is over. But, if not, I will have my indoor snowmen to enjoy for the next twenty-eight days.

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